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Accessible Yoga and Meditation
Adapted to your Condition and Capabilities
​Many of us think yoga isn't for us. Maybe we saw pictures in a magazine and they didn’t look like us. Maybe we tried it and couldn’t do it or got hurt. Maybe we have a disability, need assistance, use a mobility device, walker or wheelchair, confined to home or bed and don’t know how to adapt to our condition. Maybe we’re too old, not flexible enough, don’t have enough time…

Well, let me assure you, yoga was meant for all of us. Yoga has always been about adapting to the individual. Experience the benefits in your own body. Learn how to adapt yoga to your condition and capabilities. You can do it!

Have a friend, family member, paid assistant? Let's include them. We will create a practice you can both benefit from while helping and motivating each other.

​Breathe better because it feels good to have more energy
Improve Muscle Strength because it feels good to move, even if someone is assisting you
Improve Posture Stability because it feels good to stand up straight, even if you do it sitting down
Improve Body Awareness because it will decrease accidents and falls
Improve internal organ function because it keeps you healthy
Lessen Stress because a calm, peaceful presence will improve the way you handle "those" situations and challenging "days"
Interested in learning more?
Appointments (Phone, Skype or In Person)​

• An opportunity to learn new life skills - Private Sessions for You -  Initial Appointment $108 Follow-up Appointments $54
An opportunity to share the experience - Semi-private Sessions for You and a Friend - Initial Appointment $162  Follow-up Appointments $54
An opportunity to practice your new skills with like-minded people - Small Group Classes focused on Your Challenges and Goals - $54 for 4 Weekly Classes
An opportunity to have some fun! Day, Week, Weekend Retreats