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Successful Results
That's what we're looking for!

My mission is to help others improve their quality of life by incorporating positive, practical, pro-active practices into their daily routines that will lead them to say, "I feel good about my body, I feel good about myself, I feel good about my life!"

It doesn't matter what life experience brought you to my door. If you are stressed out, your body is aging, you have a diagnosed illness, disability, emotional pain or cognitive difficulties, the services I offer can help you manage your life around any challenges you may be going through and I am committed to helping you help yourself.

Successful Results
Improving physical and physiological function, changing unhealthy patterns and addictions, letting go of mistaken beliefs, gaining a new perspective, replacing fear-based emotions, tapping inner wisdom, creating healthier relationships, taking charge of self, and reclaiming one's own power.

You can do it!

​In Love and Light, 

Getting started is simple:  

Schedule a planning session so we can discuss your needs and determine how I can help you achieve your objectives. Together, we will outline a doable plan of action that addresses your condition, fits into your lifestyle, time availability and budget.

Then, you decide what works for you. Choose from private and semi-private  sessions, small-size mat or chair-based classes, workshops and retreats. 

Send me the Request Information Form and I will call you to chat and schedule your next fun-filled adventure!!!   
All you need is some guidance, training and a doable plan of action that fits into your lifestyle, time availability and budget. If that sounds good, you've come to the right place.
Who Is Your Guide for this Adventure?
Gloria Gwendolyn Garrett
"I am a Trailblazer. I live with a chronic condition. I differentiate between healing and curing. I make choices every day that support healing (to restore health) on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic. And, one day they may add up to a cure (eradicate an unwanted condition permanently) or not. In the meantime, I spend time each day, living."

Gloria is a Yogini. She is a Trailblazer, a Teacher, a Spiritual Guide, committed to helping you traverse your way through the complex maze of health and life choices to determine what works best for you in harmony with your true self and nature.
Consultations and Training through 

Private and Semi-private Sessions
Classes, Workshops and Retreats

Onsite Office in Winter Haven, Florida
 and Denver, Colorado

Virtual Office accessible Everywhere
Trailblazers and Accomplices
"If you can't travel the path you planned, create your own path and turn Trailblazer"
 Grace Quantock

The Trailblazer
Your body is not cooperating. There has been a drastic change in your life; a chronic condition has taken over: aging, disability, illness, emotional pain or cognitive challenges. Every day it is something new. You may need assistance, medication, someone to help, a mobility device. You adapt. Maybe grudgingly, but you do, you have to because, the way you use to live isn’t working now. You are not defined by a condition or diagnosis. You are a person with a life to live. You are a Trailblazer!

The Accomplice
You are a friend, family member, paid assistant, partner in crime. You are the backup plan. You traverse this journey together. You listen, you encourage them to do it themselves, you help, even do it for them when needed. Cheering them on through the dark times. High fiving all the achieved goals. You are essential to their wellbeing. You are appreciated more than words can express and yet, your heart swells to be of service. You are an Accomplice!

​And, you are both invited: