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Yoga and Meditation
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​Successful Results. Here's what we are looking for:
Improving physical function, changing unhealthy patterns, gaining a new perspective, replacing fear-based emotions, tapping inner wisdom, taking charge of self, and reclaiming your own power.

Here's what we can do together: 
It starts with scheduling a private consultation for you. We get to know each other. I learn about you, your concerns, your condition, your capabilities and most important, your goals. You learn about me, how I can help you and what methods I use. Then together, we determine what type of program would work best for you, what your time and financial commitment would be and expected outcome. The program we create for you will be your Proactive Plan of Action.

Your Commitment to the Process:
I can guide you, I can teach you, I can hold your hand but you have to take the action. You have to be committed to the process. This is about you. It is not a race to the finish line, it is a journey through life.

It is impossible to put a financial value on living joyfully, on feeling good about your body, yourself and your life. It is impossible to determine a fair hourly compensation for the amount of time I will spend behind the scenes for you. Therefore, my fees are based on an auspicious number of 108. 

If you have financial restraints, contact me anyway. It's about you, not about the money, we will make it work.
Ayurveda Health
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