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Ayurveda - A practical approach to Healthy Living

The health protocol I practice and share is called Ayurveda. It is the science of life. Its basis is living within our unique physical structure in harmony with our environment. 

You will learn about your unique body type and why some things that work for someone else don't work for you. You will learn what does work for you and how to incorporate it into your daily life. You will learn about food, daily routines and herbal remedies that will support your needs. You set your goals and will receive a doable plan of action with followup and accountability.
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 Commit to Your Self and Your Health

Ayurveda has a history of over 5,000 years managing health. Whether you want to focus on prevention or address a disease process, Ayurveda can help you gain and maintain your ultimate state of wellbeing using food, exercise and lifestyle suggestions, seasonal cleansing procedures, oils and herbal remedies.  The services I offer are meant to be educational for the purpose of helping you improve your own health and wellness. They are not a medical diagnosis or treatment and not a substitute for medical care. They are opportunities for you to take control of life and comfort.


#1Getting to know yourself: Ayurvedic Perspective
Your first appointment is educational. You will learn to understand you unique Body Type and how to take care of yourself from an Ayurvedic perspective. During this session, we will identify your body type to establish your baseline (Prakruti). You will learn what foods and activities upset the delicate balance and if left unchanged can lead to illness. You will also learn what foods and activities will bring you into harmony with yourself. You will receive information to help you take care of you. This information is a preliminary necessity to receive an Ayurvedic Health Consultation.  

#2Addressing your Health Concerns: Ayurvedic Health Consultations
Your second appointment will address disease processes that may already be in progress, ones you know about and possibly ones you don’t suspect yet (Vrikruti). Some diseases can be cured easily (cold or flu), some can be cured with difficulty (cancer), and some which we have not found a cure for yet, can be managed (multiple sclerosis). During your consultation, we will note any health concerns you have and through discussion and observation, we will identify physical health imbalances that can be changed or managed and you will receive recommendations and products to help you.

#3Making it Stick: Self-Health Care Action Plan
It is easier to prevent disease than it is to cure it. Climb the ladder of Well-being. Set your health goals and receive a do-able plan of action to guide and support you as you make the changes you’ve been wanting but didn’t know how to achieve. You will receive a Self-Health Care Action Plan personalized for you. Depending on your goals, your plan can include Diet, Exercise, Habits, Lifestyle and Spiritual Practices. You decide what’s working and what’s not, what is going to stay the same and what is going to change. After this session, you will be back in control of your life.  

#4See Your Progress: Accountability
To help you stay on track, a monthly, thirty-minute follow-up appointment is helpful and can be accomplished by Phone, Skype or In Person.

Appointments are available through Phone, Skype or In Person