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Astrology and Channeled Guidance
Looking for guidance? Facing big decisions? Want to follow the path of least resistance. Your Astrology Chart is a personalized owner’s manual. You can use it to understand yourself better, find your life purpose, answer questions about timing, relationships, health, finances, etc. It is a valuable source of information to help you guide your life. 

Your chart will be created based on birth data provided by you. In addition, I consult guidance through meditation.

The first session is very important to you, we take the time to determine, to the best of our ability, that we are reading your chart and not that of someone else. Each session requires calculations of multiple charts to obtain confluence from several perspectives. Your Initial session requires the most calculations. It will help us determine if we are using the correct information as it is all about you; who you are at a cellular level, your overall potential, strengths and cautions. 

Subsequent sessions are all about your specific questions. Additional sub-charts related to answering your questions will be calculated. Depending on how deep we go into a subject will determine the number of areas we can accommodate during a session. You may need additional appointments to answer all your questions. 

Appointments available by Phone, Skype or In Person

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IMPORTANT NOTE:  If you are unsure of or do not know your actual birth time, a full rectification is necessary to ensure the most accurate reading for you. This requires answering additional questions. This is a separate service and well worth the time and additional cost involved for once you have the accurate time, you will have it for the rest of your life and for all future readings. An accurate birth time is the first step to any reading you receive from any astrologer. If you feel you may need this service, contact me to request a rectification and receive the additional questionnaire.